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Many people when arriving in Thailand, do not really know what to expect, and know very little about the country and the people. However once they have been to Thailand once or twice, they will be sure to return, it is a kingdom that offers many marvels of undiscovered enchantment. With surprises and delights around every corner your trip to Thailand will open your eyes to a new world.

On this site we offer you private packaged day and multi day tours centered around Thailand's up and comming wine industry. Our tours are designed so that you get to spend time and enjoy a selection of activities, however as they are private tours you can set your own pace or even customize the tours. If you want to go somewhere that you have heard or read about please let us know and we will put together a private tour specially for you. All our guides speak English, we also can provide guides who speak Spannish, Dutch and French. Our transportation is modern air conditioned and comfortable high top vans and cars.
On this page we give you a little insight into Thailand and the People, a little lesson if you like into the history of this amazing country and its dynamic and beautiful people.


General Information


Thailand has many beautiful parks, zoos, botanical gardens and national parks to visit and enjoy as well as miles of golden beaches. There are incredible palaces, temples and historical monuments that represent Thailand's rich history. Thailand offers the tired travellers wonderfull Spa's and boutique hotels to relax in as well as incredible dining opportunites along with all the top name 5 star resorts. Thailand truly is an amazing place, with so much to offer tourists. The regular and most popular destinations are Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai.




Thailand until 1939 was known as Siam, and again between 1945 and 49, but May 11, 1949 put an end to the confusion and Thailand became officially known as 'Prathet Thai' or Thailand. For anyone who has been to Thailand they will not be surprised to learn the word 'Thai' means free so Thailand actually means The Land of the Free.


Land Area


Thailand covers an area of 513,115 sq. km. in the heart of South East Asia, and shares its borders with Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Gulf of Thailand and the Indian Ocean Thailand itself is broken into four natural regions, a) The North b) The Central Plain or the Chao Phraya River Basin c) The North East (Korat Plateau) and d) The South or Southern Peninsula.




The population of Thailand is around 60,000,000 with an annual growth rate of around 1.3%. Although there is absolute religious freedom 95% of the Thai people follow Buddhism, and  the King of Thailand under constitution and practice is patron of all religions embraced by the people.




Thailand is a hot and rather humid tropical country. In fact many people living in Thailand joke that it has three seasons, hot, hotter and hottest - this is easily believed. The climate is monsoonal, marked by a rainy season lasting from about May to September and a relatively dry season for the remainder of the year. The rainy season will amaze many a tourist as it can rain very heavily sometimes for up to just 10 minutes a go, but the sheer volume of water is incredible.Temperatures are highest in March and April and 'lowest' in December and January. The average temperature is about 23 to 35 Celsius.




The Northern region is mountainous and full of forests, ridges and spectacular valleys, the main city of this region is Chiang Mai, a very popular tourist destination. The Central Plain, a rich valley is the most fertile and extensive rice producing area of Thailand, and has often been named the 'Rice Bowl of Asia'. This is the region where Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is situated. The Southern peninsula is a gem unto itself not only for the beauty of its beaches and landscape, but also as this is where many ores and minerals are to be found. The landscape is hilly to mountainous with lush virgin forests. This is also where the main rubber producing take place, and the cultivation of many other tropical crops.


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Thai Wine Tour Regions

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Tourism Authority of Thailand Licence number 14/01058